Highline has an integrated loyalty program that helps a retailer engage customers and build brand loyalty. The functionality is intuitive for the both the customer and the retailers.

For the Customer

Customers are automatically enrolled when they provide an email address. Once enrolled customers are sent a welcome email with an Apple Passbook® attached. The Passbook® is custom branded and includes: Points Accrued, Dollar Value of Points, Past Purchases, and Gift Card Balance.

For the Retailer

For the retailer, redemption is simple. Once the customer has accrued the necessary number of points for redemption a menu item will automatically appear on the Point of Sale, which can be used to pay for some or all of the customer's purchase.

Highline has built in functionality for iBeaconsTM allowing the retailer to engage customers while they are in the store. Once the customer has saved Passbook® on their phone, they will automatically receive notifications on their iOS home screen when they are in your store. Notifications can be promotional, product informative or just a message to welcome the customer to the store.

Configuring Rewards

  1. Check 'Rewards Enabled' to turn on the functionality.
  2. If you want your customers to receive an email and a Passbook® when they first join, check this box.
  3. Minimum Points Required allows you to define the threshold before a customer can redeem.
  4. Point Value. In the example below, the retailer would be giving back 3%.
  5. Initial Point Balance is the welcome number of points a customer is given when they join.

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Loyalty Points Redemption

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