This tutorial shows you how to get started with processing a cash transaction without a Verifone e315 barcode reader, a credit card merchant account, or a physical cash drawer.

Highline stores all it’s data in the cloud, accessible from any web browser. You will use the cloud app at for most administrative functions. You will use the iOS app for processing transactions and for basic CRM.


1. Create a Location. Locations are used to track inventory and sales and are often associated with the physical locations of your stores, but can also be a warehouse or even the basement of your store. You can create unlimited locations.

Navigation Steps: Home > New Location

2. Create a Product Type. Use attributes to distinguish product types with custom attributes. For example if you are selling clothes you can add attributes such as: color, size, style and season.

Navigation Steps: Inventory > Product Type

3. Create a Product. Products can easily be added using a form or upload using a CSV file.

Navigation Steps: Inventory > New Product

4. Allocate Products to a location allows you set the inventory amount and price at each of your stores.

Navigation Steps: Inventory > All Inventory > Click SKU > Create Location Variable

5. Create a Virtual Cash Register to allow you to take cash payments, while you wait for your merchant account. For model use "other". This will allow you use a virtual register drawer.

Navigation Steps: Home Screen > Location > Registers

6. Print the Barcode for the Register. You will use the barcode and passcode to “open” the cash register from the iOS app. Highline also lets you use physical cash registers, in which case the barcode would be attached to the front of the drawer.

Navigation Steps: Home Screen > Location > Registers > Show > Barcode

Proces a Sale

7. Download to your iOS Device the Highline App
8. Login with the credentials that you used to create the account. Use the location you created in Step 1.

9. Select the Sales Button and the "+" to Start a New Sale

10. Add a New Customer (optional)

11. Add a Product by searching for the product you created in Step 3

12. From Menu, select Tender Cash

13. Enter tendered amount and press the camera icon to scan the barcode from Step 6 and enter your Pin from Step 5.

14. Email the receipt! Congratulations you have processed your first sale using Highline!

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