The easiest way to upload large amounts of inventory into Highline is to use a CSV file. Highline makes this super easy by allowing you to export a spreadsheet template to use as a guide.

Steps to import a spreadsheet with inventory:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Select 'Import Inventory'
  2. Select a product type
  3. Download the appropriate CSV Template
  4. Open a new spreadsheet in Google Docs or other Spreadsheet Application
  5. Open the downloaded CSV spreadsheet in Google Docs
  6. Enter inventory in the CSV file
  7. Make sure to fill all required fields, as defined with an asterisk
  8. Export Spreadsheet as a CSV file
  9. From the Import Inventory screen Click 'Choose File' button and attach file
  10. Click 'Upload File'

File will upload giving feedback as to the amount of rows that were successfully loaded. The file is case sensitive and should match the exact way the inventory is in the system. Make sure to delete any extra rows in your CSV file. If there are errors in the file, note the error, correct and upload again. Highline will not load partial files, where some errors exist.

Where to go from here?

Adjust Inventory

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