You are a multi location retailer that sell shoes.  The shoe catalogs are loaded into Highline and are used to write purchase orders and manage inventory movements.  Often you only sell a small subset of what each vendor sells, but you always want the ability to sell anything from this catalog, especially if you support special orders.

Highline supports this by allowing you on the Point of Sale App to scan any product in the store and add it to an order.  Highline automatically moves the variant to location you are selling from and sets the inventory to negative.  When you write a PO to order the merchandise, the inventory will be incremented by the number of products you order.

Step 1.   Load vendor catalog into Highline using the CSV Upload.  If you do not add a location the system will load to All Inventory

Step 2.  Using the POS App scan the variant you want to sell

Step 3.  Highline will automatically move the product from All Inventory to the location you are selling from, and set the On Hand to 0.

Step 4.  Create a Purchase Order to buy the product

Step 5.  Inventory will be correct once you receive the Purchase Order

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