Highline has the ability to transfer inventory between locations. This can be useful when transferring merchandise between stores, warehouses, ecommerce and virtual locations such as damaged goods. Highline allows you to set up an unlimited amount of locations for free.

Steps to transfer inventory

  1. Select the Menu Option 'Supply' > 'New Shipment to Location'
  2. Select Location that you will be transferring inventory from 'Send From'
  3. Select Location you will transferring inventory to 'Ship To'
  4. Click 'Create Location Shipment'
  5. Select products that you want to transfer by clicking the 'Add' box next to each product.
  6. Click 'Add Selected' to add the products you selected in the "Add" panel.
  7. A panel will appear on top of the page, displaying the products you will be transferring
  8. If product has more than one on hand that requires transfer, there are two options: Select the add box then select 'Add Selected' until the 'Quantity' number above matches the desired number of products you want to transfer. or After one product has been added to the top panel, then adjust the amount in the 'Quantity' column, click on the box and manually change the amount of each product that you want to be transferred.
  9. Save your transfer by selecting the 'Update Location Shipment'.
  10. After completing your transfers go to the 'Edit Open Shipment' Box at the bottom of your screen
  11. Select 'Change Status' to 'Sent'
  12. Click 'Update Location Shipment'

Inventory can now be boxed up and sent to the 'Ship To' Location. If you would like you can print a transfer sheet.

Where to go from here?

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