Steps to applying store credit

  1. Make sure the store's return policy is configured to store credit using the Highline Web App. See Custom Receipt Text Article.
  2. Pull up customers order
  3. Go to menu and select 'Modify Order'
  4. Subtract items that want to be returned by pressing the '-' next to the item
  5. Go to menu and click on 'Apply Store Credit'
  6. Press 'Done'
  7. Start a new order or add new items to the customers current order
  8. Enter in the new items the customer wants to buy
  9. Automatically, Highline will show that the customer has a certain amount of money in store credit
  10. To redeem, go to menu and select 'Redeem Store Credit'
  11. Enter the Amount
  12. The store credit will be applied to new purchase
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