Auditing Cash with Highline is a simple process, which provides a high degree of visibility to cash on hand, a simple process for employees to execute, and allows managers the ability to proactively identify and address any Loss Prevention Issues.

Because Highline is a cloud based system auditing information is available in real-time anywhere that a user has internet connectivity and a browser, making it ideal for monitoring from headquarters.

Steps For Auditing Cash

  1. From the Location page Click on the 'Registers' Link to access the Register Audit functionality.
  2. Hint: To quickly find your store location use the built in search bar!
  3. Click on the 'Audit' link for the register you want to audit. If your store has multiple register drawers you will see them here.
  4. The 'Expected Amount' is the total that has been tendered since the last audit. This number cannot be edited.
  5. Count the drawer and enter the amount in the 'Actual Amount' field.
  6. Remove cash that is in excess of the register float and deposit in safe.
  7. Enter the 'New Starting Amount'. This is considered the register float and is the starting amount for the next Audit.
  8. Click 'Update Cash Register' when you are done with steps 2-4.
  9. Once you have completed the Audit the user will have the opportunity to see at a glance any discrepancies in the drawer, allowing a manager to identify possible Loss Prevention or Training issues.

Where to go from here

Create a Virtual Cash Register
Configure a Physical Cash Drawer
Configure Tax Rates

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