If the store policy is to only give store credit then you will need to do the following to process a return where the purchase was on a credit card.

Steps to Return to a Gift Card

  1. To process a sale with a credit card see Tender a Credit Card
  2. To find the order the return is associated with see Search for a Customer's Order Via iOS Application or Search for a Customer's Order Via Receipt or Credit Card
  3. Select the 'i' button to the right of the order number you just found
  4. Select the 'Menu' icon
  5. Select 'Modify Order'
  6. Select the '-' button next to the item that is being returned
  7. Swipe the gift card
  8. It will display the amount being returned to the gift card (default is all of it, but it can be changed by pressing on the amount)
  9. Select 'Done'

Where to go from here?

Print Receipt
Email Receipt

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