The Sales screen on the Highline Point of Sale iOS App provides several easy to use features that allow an employee to quickly look up a customer's order. Scan a receipt barcode, enter a name, email, order number, or simply swipe the customer's credit card to quickly look up an order and quickly engage with the customer for superior customer service.

Scanning a Barcode on the Receipt
If a customer has a receipt with them, or on their smartphone, the employee simply has to scan the receipt with the built in camera on the iOS device or by using the barcode reader on the Linea Pro. After you have scanned the App will bring up the order to view or modify.

Swiping a Credit Card

If the customer does not have a receipt with them, you can simply swipe their credit card from the Sales screen and it bring up every order that was purchased with that credit card.


Using Highline's powerful search features you can lookup a customer by entering their name, email or Order #, additionally you can search by date using simple terms like: Today, Yesterday, Last Week. Of course regular dates are also supported by entering dd/mm/yyyy.

Tap the Search Box to reveal search options: Order#, Customer and Date. In this example, Order# has been selected.

By selecting the Customer option and typing the customer name you will bring up customer's orders. Tip: You can also enter the customer's email address here.

Highline provides support for simple date lookup using plain text. To find all of the transactions for Today, enter the date "Today" in the search field. Yesterday, Last Week works as does Last Week or DD/MM/YYYY.

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