Engaging with customers in a modern sophisticated manner projects a positive shopping experience for your customers. One of the best ways to do this is with Apple's Passbook®. Passbook® is a native application that is currently on all iPhone's®, and allows users to store: Airline tickets, Movie Tickets, Coupons, Credit Card Transactions, and Reward Cards. Highline utilizes Passbooks® sophisticated technology for gift cards and loyalty programs.

When a customer purchases a Passbook® for a friend, relative or themselves Highline will send an email to that person with the attached Passbook®. The recipient of the Passbook® only has to click on the Passbook® and it will download to the recipient's Passbook® App. A Passbook® can exist on multiple recipient's phones and Highline will keep track of the balance across passes. For example if you were to buy a $100 Passbook® for your best friend, they could share the Passbook® with their friend. Because Highline keeps track of the purchases on each card no more than $100 can be spent.

Steps to Sell a Passbook®

  1. From the sales screen Tap the "+" button to start a new order.
  2. Click the Menu Icon to reveal menu Options
  3. Click Gift Card Option
  4. Select Passbook®
  5. Enter the amount of the Passbook®
    Enter the Recipient's email that will receive the Passbook®
  6. Complete the Sale of the Passbook® by tendering a credit card or cash. The order will show that you have purchased a Gift Card.

Where to go from here?

Print Receipt
Email Receipt

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