Tendering a credit card is a simple process, that involves: creating an order, adding a customer, adding inventory, swiping a credit card, capturing the signature and sending out a receipt. Follow these steps to tender your first credit card.

Steps to Tender a Credit Card

  1. Select the Sales Menu from the bottom of the Highline App.
  2. Select the "+" button or start to scan items with barcodes. Highline will automatically start the order once an item has been scanned
  3. Add a customer to the order. This is optional, but important as it allows you to track customer purchases provide receipts via email.
  4. Scan or add inventory items using the search feature.
  5. Swipe the customers Credit Card
  6. Have customer sign the screen
  7. Email or print the receipt

Where to go from here?

Process a Return
Process an Exchange
Print Receipt
Email Receipt

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