Tendering a cash transaction is a simple process, that involves: creating an order, adding a customer, adding inventory, payment, and sending out a receipt. Follow these steps to tender your cash transaction

Steps to Tendering Cash by Physical Drawer

  1. Click the 'Sales' Menu from the bottom of the Highline App.
  2. Select '+' or scan the product's barcode.
  3. Add a customer to the order. This is optional, but important as it allows you to track customer purchases provide receipts via email.
  4. Scan or add inventory items using the search feature
  5. Click Tender Cash
  6. Enter the amount tendered. The amount of change that should be given (if any) should appear.
  7. Click Scan. The scanner will activate so barcode can be scanned
  8. Scan the barcode located on the physical register.
  9. Email or print the receipt

Where to go from here?

Audit Cash
Print Receipt
Email Receipt

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