The notion of a Customer in Highline is very important for advanced CRM functions that allow you to engage and enhance your customer'e experience with your brand, including: Clientelling, Loyalty, Passbook® and Email Receipts. Adding a customer requires you to add First Name, Last Name and email address.

Tip: Email addresses are validated in realtime so you can be sure that the emails you enter are accurate.

Steps to create a Customer

  1. Go to Customers from the Menu Bar > Click 'New Customer'
  2. Fill out customers information
  3. Click 'Create New Customer'
  4. A new screen will appear showing the information just entered
  5. To edit any information, click 'Edit'

Note: A message will appear next to the email if it is invalid

Where to go from here?

Edit Customer - Web App
Add Customer - iOS App
Edit a customer (iOS)

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