Discounts are an excellent way to sell more of a product. Highline allows you to monitor discounts by creating graphs of the discounts given over time.

Steps to View Graph of Past Discounts

  1. Go to 'Reports Tab'
  2. In the 'Discounts' Section on the right-hand side select what property of discounts you would like to view.
  • 'Volume': amount of money the discount saved the customer
  • 'Units': number of discounted item that were sold at that time
  • 'Transactions': number of discounted in a transaction at a given time
  • 'Percent': the percent of sales that were for discounted items
  • 'Discount Rate': percent of the price that the discount took off

3. The graph will display as a line graph with the date on the x-axis and the quantity on the y-axis
4. To find out the specific value of a point, have the mouse hover over it

Where to go from here?

View Reports by Dates

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