Highline provides sophisticated reporting capability that helps understand employee productivity. Using the integrated reporting tool you have the ability to analyze many aspects of employee productivity and how it affects sales, discounts, and customer services. Metrics that are tracked include: Sales, Sales by Category, Sales by Product, UPTs, Average Transaction Size, Returns, Discounts.

Steps to view productivity and edit a user

Go to 'Account' on the main menu > Click on 'All Users'

  1. Select 'All Users'
  2. Admin can view employee processed invoices by clicking 'Invoices' next to a user
  3. Invoices are organized by 'Today', 'Week', 'Month', 'Year', and 'All Invoices'
  4. View reports by clicking 'Reports' next to a user

Where to go from here?

Segmenting Locations, Customers, Inventory and Employees

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