Keeping track of customers and what they purchase allows you to better know your customers and their buying habits. This information helps your employees recognize your best customers to ensure they receive individual attention.

In one Scenario an employee starts to engage with a customer, looks up their information in Highline and instantly recognizes the customer they are engaging with is loyal and always likes to purchase a certain type of hand cream. With this information the employee asks the customer if they would like to try samples of some of the new hand cream and in the process up sells the customer on the new hand cream.

Highline facilitates the above interaction seamlessly utilizing a unified approach to tie a customer's email, name, or credit card to an order. Follow these easy steps to get started.

Swipe Customer's Credit Card

One of the easiest and frictionless ways to look up a customer is to ask for their credit card and swipe it while on the 'Sales' screen. This will bring up every order that they purchased with the credit card that they gave you.

Scan Receipt Barcode

Scanning the barcode at the bottom of a receipt pulls up that order on the iOS app.

Enter Customer's Name

From the 'Sales' screen click the 'Customer' option and enter the customer's last name or email address.

Search a Customers Order by Date

From the 'Sales' screen click the 'Date' option and enter the date in the form of 'dd/mm/yy'. Also, you can search by typing in 'today', 'this month', 'yesterday' , and 'this week'.

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