Highline can use network attached cash drawers, which allow for increased flexibility and security when using a common till. Furthermore the drawer allows for increased mobility as the drawers open only when scanned using Highline's Point of Sale App. Highline currently supports the APG480 NetPRO Cash Drawers.

Follow these simple steps to configure a Network Attached Cash Register Drawer

  1. Locate the store you wish to set up on the Home Page and click the 'Registers' Link
  2. Enter the Name of the Register.
  3. Select Model of the Register, in this case APG Networked
  4. Enter UDID. This is the barcode on the front of the register.
  5. Enter MAC Address. This is the address on the bottom of the register drawer
  6. Enter a 4 digit Pin Code. This is used to authenticate the user after the UDID is scanned
  7. Click 'Create Cash Register'

Where to go from here?

Tender Cash by Physical Drawer
Auditing Cash

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