Engaging with customers in a modern sophisticated manner projects a positive shopping experience for your customers. One of the best ways to do this is with Apple's Passbook®. Passbook® is a native application that is currently on all iPhones®, and allows users to store: Airline tickets, Movie Tickets, Coupons, Credit Card Transactions, and Reward Cards. Highline utilizes Passbooks® sophisticated technology for gift cards and loyalty programs.

When a customer purchases a Passbook® for a friend, relative or themselves Highline will send an email to that person with the attached Passbook®. The recipient of the Passbook® only has to click on the Passbook® and it will download to the recipient's Passbook® App. A Passbook® can exist on multiple recipient's phones and Highline will keep track of the balance across passes. For example if you were to buy a $100 Passbook® for your best friend, they could share the Passbook® with their friend. Because Highline keeps track of the purchases on each card no more than $100 can be spent.

Steps for Configuring a Passbook®

  1. Go to 'Account' on the main menu > Click ' Manage Account'
  2. Select the 'Passbook' Tab
  3. Select 'Foreground Color'
  4. Select 'Background Color'
  5. Upload Icon Image
  6. Upload Logo Image
  7. Click 'Update Passbook Config'

Where to go from here?

Sell a Passbook

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