Clothing and footwear sold in NYC that is under 110 is exempt from State Local Sales Tax. Highline support these rules with a simple configuration.

Adjusting New York City Tax Rates

  1. On the home page > Select a location> Click on 'Tax Rates
  2. Categories will come up for merchandise
  3. Next to 'Clothing' > Click 'Edit'
  4. Next to 'Maximum Price', type in $110.00. Leave 'Rate' and 'Minimum Price' at 0
  5. Click 'Create'
  6. Next to the 'Clothing' category > Click on 'Duplicate'
  7. Next to 'Rate' type 8.875 > Next to 'Minimum Price' type $110.00> Next to 'Maximum Price' leave it at 0
  8. Click 'Create'
  9. Return to the tax rate page
  10. Next to 'General Merchandise' > Click 'Edit'
  11. Change 'Rate' to 8.875%. Leave 'Minimum Price' and 'Maximum Price' at zero
  12. Click 'Create'

Where to go from here

Create a Virtual Cash Register
Return Policy and Receipt
Create a Physical Cash Drawer
Import inventory using Spreadsheet

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