Highline provides a simple and intuitive way to create and manage purchase orders.

Steps to create a Purchase Order

  1. Click 'Supply Icon' > 'New Purchase Order'
  2. Select 'Supplier'
  3. Name Purchase Order or use Default Name
  4. Select 'Bill To'
  5. Select 'Ship To'
  6. Click 'Create Purchase Order'
  7. Select the products to include in the Purchase Order by clicking 'Add' next to the product row
  8. Change quantity by entering the number desired, and then click enter
  9. Once all products are selected for the purchase order, scroll up to the box at the top of the screen.
  10. Next to 'Change Status' click 'Sent'
  11. Click 'Update Purchase Order'
  12. Change the status to 'Received'. Click 'Update Purchase Order'
  13. Once the items have been received, receive the items by changing the 'Receive' column to match the 'Quantity' Column. Another option is to click the 'Receive all' button to quickly receive all the items.
  14. Print labels for Purchase Order by selecting the items and click 'Print Labels'
  15. The total amount of money spent on the purchase order will also appear below the items
  16. Scroll up to the top of the screen to 'Change Status' and select 'Closed'
  17. Click 'Update Purchase Order'

Where to go from here?

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